San Martino sul Fiora

San Martino è una delle caratteristiche frazioni di Manciano, nell’entroterra della Maremma Toscana.

Built in 1500, under the government of the Republic of Siena, the town was soon elevated to the role of marquisate in 1651, thanks to the construction of a church and numerous houses for local farmers and artisans. Incorporated into the Sovana county under the Lorraine government, in 1738 San Martino passed under the control of the municipality of Sorano, under which it remained until 1929, the year of its official annexation to the municipality of Manciano.

What to see in San Martino sul Fiora:

  • CHURCH OF SAN MARTINO, a beautiful parish church in the hamlet, the building was built in the 16th century. The church has a neo-Romanesque style with elements of Moorish art elements. The interior houses two precious paintings from the 1600s.