Land of ancient brigands, cowboys and a paradise of unspoiled nature, Maremma is certainly a place to discover and visit at least once in a lifetime!

In the south of Tuscany, between inland territories and coastal areas, the Maremma is home to an extraordinary environmental variety and jealously guards small hills, cultivated countryside, luxuriant woods, ancient villages and crystal clear sea.

La Maremma it is a wild, pure and uncorrupted land, a territory where still today people live in respect of the rhythms of nature, of the seasons and where life follows the slow rhythm marked by ancient traditions … here everything is authentic and genuine, traditions come carried on with great pride and hospitality is the watchword.

Discover the coast and visit the Promontory ofArgentario, with its beautiful hidden coves, often reachable only on foot and by boat, visit the villages of Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole, the two pearls of the Argentario, with ancient history and a place of legends of pirates and Saracens … move towards Orbetello and admire its beautiful lagoon and then continue towards the beaches of Giannella or Ansedonia, on the two tomboli of the Argentario, it will certainly be a unique experience!

Not least theArea del Tufo, the ancient territory of Etruscans and Romans, today the cradle of some gods Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, such as Pitigliano and Sovana for example, but don’t forget Sorano, which is a real treat! Pitiglianois also known by the nickname of “Little Jerusalem”, still hosts an ancient one today Ghetto Ebraico and a Synagogue, Sovana, a postcard village, with its own Piazza del Pretorio, the Cathedral of San Pietro and the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, and finally Sorano, dominated by his Masso Leopoldino and imposing Fortezza Orsini.

Don’t forget the hilltop villages of Manciano, famous for its panoramic view Medieval keep, Saturnia, known all over the world for its thermal baths of sulphurous water at 37 ° C, Montemerano, also one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, with its splendid Piazza del Castello and the Church of San Giorgio.

Finally, move towards the border with Lazio, in the Tuscan-Lazio Maremma and do not miss Vulci, the ancient Roman city, today a precious archaeological and naturalistic park, and its beautiful and new thermal baths, where you can enjoy a nice relaxing bath …