Palio delle Botti

An unmissable appointment in Manciano, the Palio delle Botti has, in a few years, captured the interest of many tourists and the hearts of all the inhabitants of Manciano.

The event takes place on the last weekend of August, and is a magic of colors, fun and competition, an opportunity to rejoice and have fun all together, celebrating this delightful Tuscan village and its history made of ancient traditions.

The palio provides that six teams, one for each district, Borgo, Cassero, Fonti, Monumento, Imposta and Mulinello push along a path through the streets of the historic center, a barrel full of water, weighing 100kg.

The Palio delle Botti begins on Friday with the presentation of the teams, male and female and of the painted barrels, one for each district, then proceeding with the assignment of the names to the barrels, for each in fact the name of one of the famous bandits will be extracted who have made the history of the Maremma: Domenichino, Curato, Biondo, Gigione, Basiletto, Cenciarello.

On Saturday afternoon, the Palio dei Bimbi is organized, all the children of the village and beyond, divided by teams, push their “barrel” a tire and try to bring victory to their team.

Subsequently, the food stands are opened and, with the accompaniment of good music, the start of the Pink Trophy, or the palio run by the women’s teams, is expected. The development is slightly different from that of the men’s palio, in fact the girls will have to make only one lap of the course, one team at a time and the team is made up of 6 elements instead of 8, the best time is worth, the two best teams will face each other in final, the first to reach the end of the course, will win the prize!

Sunday is the day of the men’s Palio, we start at 17.00 with the procession through the streets of the town, in which all the teams, male and female, the godmothers and godparents of each team, the council of each district and all take part. the citizens of Manciano, the procession arrives in Piazza Garibaldi and here begins the musical entertainment, interrupted by the draw for the teams that will have to face each other, the first round will see three races, to face each other in each race, two districts at a time, the winners of each race and one of the teams rescued will face each other in the semifinal and then in the final, the winner will be given the coveted painted palio.

All together we celebrate the end of the Palio with sandwiches, drinks and lots of music!