Nicknamed the “Matera of Tuscany“, due to the numerous buildings carved into the tufaceous rock, Sorano is a destination not to be missed in Maremma.

A few kilometers from Pitigliano and Sovana and a few minutes from the Terme di Sorano, the village of Sorano is certainly one of the most beautiful stops in southern Tuscany, an ancient village that still preserves ancient buildings and monuments of great value.

The origins of Sorano date back to the medieval period, under the government of the Aldobrandeschi family, although there is no lack of evidence of the Etruscan presence throughout the territory. After the marriage between Anastasia Aldobrandeschi and Romano Orsini, Sorano passed to the Orsini Counts in 1293, then to the Republic of Siena and finally to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

What to see in Sorano:

  • COLLEGIATA DI SAN NICCOLO ‘, the main sacred building of Sorano, its construction dates back to 1276, numerous restorations occurred in later periods (16th and 18th centuries), have changed its original appearance. Inside there is a precious painting by Pietro Aldi from 1884, depicting St. Joseph with the Child.
  • PALAZZO ORSINI, an ancient palace of Sorano, also known by the name of Palazzo Comitale, was the first residence of the Orsini Counts in Sorano. The building dates back to 1200
  • CINTA MURARIA, in defense of the ancient town of Sorano, date back to the medieval period and include two access gates, Porta di Sopra and Porta dei Merli
  • FORTEZZA ORSINI, built on commission by Niccolò IV Orsini, designed by the architect Anton Maria Lari, today inside the fortress there is the Museum of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
  • MASSO LEOPOLDINO, medieval fortification, renovated in 1800 by the Lorraine. Today on the top there is a wonderful panoramic terrace