Caseifici a Manciano

The cheeses of the Tuscan Maremma

Pastoralism is one of the oldest and most traditional activities in the Tuscan Maremma. The vastness, the uncontaminated nature and the peasant vocation of this, have made the Maremma the ideal place for the breeding of sheep and cattle for the production of milk.

In this bucolic setting, dairies, from the largest to those of small farms, are one of the most important realities in the Tuscan Maremma, with a production of cheeses and dairy products of the highest quality, many of which are known and appreciated all over the world. .

It is impossible not to meet in Maremma, among the green fields, flocks of sheep, cows or goats that graze freely or, if you are lucky, take the small internal roads that often connect the oldest villages and remain “blocked” waiting for a flock of sheep moves from one pasture to another … This is one of the most authentic aspects of the Tuscan Maremma, the true contact with nature and animals, the processing of simple materials for the creation of extraordinary products.

Which are the most important dairies in the Tuscan Maremma?

Surely the Radichino Agricultural Dairy, owned by the Pira Brothers. Maremma Dairy with Pecorino Cheese and Aged Goat Cheeses, the Radichino Agricultural Dairy is one of the best known in the production and sale of dairy products. Family-run business, the dairy is flanked by an agriristoro, where you can taste the cured meats and cheeses of their production, and excellent traditional dishes. Deeply linked to the Sardinian tradition, Sardinia is in fact their region of origin, the family combines tradition and modernity and creates, in the heart of the Tuscan-Lazio Maremma, products of the highest quality, award-winning and chosen by many restaurants.

Many products, all the highest quality:

  • GOAT CHEESE: Grand Duchess, Poggio Conte
  • FRESH CHEESES: Snowflake curd, Costa Bella with olives, Costa Bella with rucola, Costa Bella first salt, Don Carmelo Morbidone, Vallerosa
  • SEMI-SEASONED CHEESES: Casal del Melograno, Cavone, Cretoso with Black Pepper, Cretoso with Pink Pepper, Erborichino, Giglio di Castro, Hercle with Red Wine, Hercle Caciotta, Poggio Volparo with Walnuts, Radichino
  • SEASONED CHEESES: Don Carmelo Stagionato, Granducato di Castro, Granducato di Castro al Fieno and Toma Reale

The Social Dairy of Manciano, a historic Maremma company with over 50 years of activity in the sector behind it, is one of the most solid realities in the area, and exports its products all over the world. With milk from the Tuscan Maremma, the cheeses and dairy products of the Caseificio di Manciano are among the most popular. A wide range that goes from seasoned classics to the most sought-after products. The Social Dairy of Manciano offers on the market many types of cheese, each carefully selected and treated in every detail:

  • TRADITIONAL CHEESES: Pecorino, Canestrato, Viminato, Mixed and Spia della Maremma
  • FRESH CHEESES: Saturnella, Maremmina, Marzolino, Tomino and Fior di Maremma
  • IL PECORINO TOSCANO DOP: Fresh, Aged, Aged 12 months, Organic and Halal
  • TASTY CHEESES: Giallerino, Bianchetta, Ginestrino, Pecorino Briaco and Cacio di Fossa
  • CHEESES REQUIRED: Delactosed Pecorino, ‘Friend of the Heart’ Tuscan Pecorino PDO, Organic Pecorino
  • SWEET ONES: Ricotta, Primosale, Ravaggiolo